Rare documentary footage of the Non-Stop Picket

During our archival work, rare documentary footage of the Non-Stop Picket has come to light.  The documentary was produced by the Revolutionary Communist Group [RCG] and filmed during the early days of the Picket in the Spring of 1986.  It includes footage of the march to the South African Embassy that launched the Picket on 19 April 1986, interviews with leading City Group and RCG activists, and excerpts from a speech on the Picket by Hamilton Keke of the Pan-Africanist Congress.

About Gavin Brown

Professor of Political Geography and Sexualities University of Leicester
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9 Responses to Rare documentary footage of the Non-Stop Picket

  1. Excellent video Gav, nice one!

  2. Great video footage – nice to see so many familiar faces – quite nostalgic for it all !

  3. Daniel Jewesbury says:

    Superb. Very interesting document Gav. Must dig out my video of the 1000th day…

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