Report on “(Re)thinking Protest Camps” workshop

Here are some thoughts on the recent “(Re)thinking Protest Camps” workshop I co-organised. Thanks to my co-conspirators from the Protest Camps research collective for sharing their thoughts.

Protest Camps


On the 26th June 2012 40 researchers and activists gathered at Leicester University for a one-day workshop on protest camp. It was jointly organised by the protest camp collective, the department of geography and the School of Management at the University of Leicester.

Image (a) Image

After a key note from Sasha Roseneil who presented her research on Greenham Common, four sessions discussed spatialitias, governance, affect and media in protest camps.


What came out of it?

A map as well as the infamous ‘concept soup’

The concept soup: What to consider for the study of protest camps(results)Image

Participants were ‘delighted’ with the ‘wonderful experience’ of the workshop and we took away that protest camps can serve as a useful lense for the study of social movements. Plans are currently underway to pursue further networking events to consolidate the research network in formation. Watch this space.


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