Football Beyond Borders event at SOAS: the lessons of anti-apartheid solidarity

On Tuesday 5 February, Helen Yaffe will represent the Non-Stop Against Apartheid project at an event organised by Football Beyond Borders and the SOAS Palestine Society.  The meeting asks “What can the boycott of the U21 UEFA Football Championships in Israel learn from the Anti-Apartheid Movement?”

The event starts at 7pm in the Khalili Lecture Theatre at the School of African and Oriental Studies.  It will include a screening of Fair Play, a documentary about the sports boycott of Apartheid in South Africa, followed by a discussion exploring the ways in which connections can been drawn between the history of international solidarity against apartheid in South Africa and solidarity with the Palestinian people today.  Helen will draw on our research to discuss the actions of the City of London Anti-Apartheid Group in pursuit of the sports boycott of South Africa.

SOAS football beyond bordersWe will publish a report on the meeting here at a later date.  If you are in London and free next Tuesday evening, please consider attending this event.

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2 Responses to Football Beyond Borders event at SOAS: the lessons of anti-apartheid solidarity

  1. Red Card Israeli Apartheid, campaign group (now organised in most European Counties) fully supports every initiative to highlight the essential nature of the Israeli entity, which is Apartheid. The Zionist state is not only simply racist. Despite our efforts, we regrettably see racism far too frequently in Britain and indeed in all the developed countries. We also continually fight institutional racism, as in The Metropolitan Police (which they admit still exists, 10 years after the racial killing of Stephen Lawrence). But by far the worst possible manifestation of racism is brutal Apartheid, as practised only by Israel. The use of the word Apartheid in your title as in ours is evidence that the organisation and its members have irreconcilably broken from Zionism. We salute Non-Stop Against Apartheid. Help needed now to drive Apartheid out of European Football

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