Africa in Words: an archive of solidarity

Gavin Brown has recently published a guest post on the Africa in Words blog.  His article, “An archive of solidarity” provides a short overview of the range of material contained in the City of London Anti-Apartheid Group’s archive.  It highlights why this material offers new insights into the history of the international anti-apartheid movement.

If you’re not familiar with the Africa in Words blog, it was set up in 2011 by five PhD students from the University of Sussex.  In their own words, the blog is intended

to recognise that there are as many Africas and ways of talking about Africa as there are words to do it with. It reflects our shared understanding of Africa as a place of diverse networks of words that are provocative and generative, which provoke other people to think, to produce, and to write.

We recommend exploring the material on their site, and we thank them for their interest in the Non-Stop Picket and our research.

About Gavin Brown

Professor of Political Geography and Sexualities University of Leicester
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  1. Gavin Brown says:

    This blog post has also been picked up and reblogged by the Refugee Archives blog ( at the University of East London

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