West End Memories

This research project is recording stories about the Non-Stop Picket of the South African Embassy in Trafalgar Square (April 1986 – February 1990).  We are in touch with many of the people who kept the protest going continually during that period, but we are interested in understanding how other people experienced it.

Did you live or work in (or near) Trafalgar Square during this period?  If so, please take a few minutes to share your memories, experiences and thoughts of the picket outside the South African Embassy. 

How did you come into contact with it? How often did you see it?  What did you think of it and the people who took part in it?  What did it look and sound like?  Did you ever stop and chat with the picketers?  Did you ever join in their protest?  How did it affect your everyday life at the time? 

For context, please tell us a little bit about yourself – where did you live and work; how old were you at the time etc? – anything that seems relevant to you.

2 Responses to West End Memories

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