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Soundscapes of the Non-Stop Picket

As former Non-Stop Picketers gather in London for the funeral of Ken Bodden, who was so central to the musical culture of the picket, it seems appropriate to share some of the sounds of their anti-apartheid protest. From its earliest … Continue reading

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“Creating solidarity”: a video of a talk on creative (anti-apartheid) activism

Back in September I spoke at a workshop at the Watershed in Bristol organised by Michael Buser from the University of the West of England.  The workshop was on the theme of “Creative Practice, activism, and place-based identities”.  My talk was … Continue reading

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Singing Freedom: the role of song in anti-apartheid protest

One defining feature of the Non-Stop Picket outside the South African embassy in the late 1980s was its noise.  The Picket could be quiet, if the number of protestors present was low, or it was the middle of the night, … Continue reading

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