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Non-Stop Against Apartheid in 2013

Two events in 2013 brought significantly increased traffic to the Non-Stop Against Apartheid blog: the first was Margaret Thatcher‘s death; the second, of course, was Nelson Mandela’s. The day after Thatcher died, this blog received its most traffic in a single … Continue reading

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Public engagement 1: Gavin Brown on BBC Radio Leicester

Gavin Brown will be appearing on the Ben Jackson radio show on BBC Leicester this afternoon (15.00 – 16.00 BST) giving an in-depth interview about Nelson Mandela, Gavin’s experiences of participating in the Non-Stop Picket as a teenager, and our … Continue reading

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The Springbok Reception Committee: “no normal sport in an abnormal society”

When it was announced that the South African Springboks rugby team were due to tour Britain during the autumn of 1992, the City of London Anti-Apartheid Group sprung into action. Specifically, they responded to the call from South African anti-apartheid … Continue reading

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Marching against apartheid in Leicester, October 1989

It was an early start for a small group of supporters of the City of London Anti-Apartheid Group on Saturday 12 October 1989.  They travelled to Leicester to participate in a demonstration in support of Ross Galbraith and Gary Sherriff, … Continue reading

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Fighting for workers’ sanctions against apartheid, in Leicester

In late July 1989 two Leicester-based trade union militants discovered that the company they worked for had accepted a contract to supply goods to South Africa.  Ross Galbraith and Gary Sherriff refused to work on the contract and were sacked.  … Continue reading

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Leicester connections to the Non-Stop Picket

This week we received some local publicity for the project with a short first person column by Gavin Brown in the Leicester Mercury.  We know that there are a number of former non-stop picketers now living in Leicester and (as … Continue reading

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