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Stop batting for apartheid – it’s just not cricket

What could be more English than sitting down to enjoy a game of cricket on a late summer bank holiday weekend?  During the summer of 1989 many City Group anti-apartheid activists attended cricket matches around London and the South East.  They … Continue reading

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Helen Yaffe profiled in Times Higher Education

Helen Yaffe, the Research Associate on the Non-Stop Against Apartheid project was profiled in the 18 August 2011 edition of the Times Higher Education.  Helen’s parents were heavily involved with the Non-Stop Picket and the City of London Anti-Apartheid Group and … Continue reading

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Breaking silence: activist adventures in noise pollution

On Monday 18 August 1986 100 people gathered, gagged, on the Non-Stop Picket to preemptively break the silence that the Metropolitan Police were attempting to impose on anti-apartheid protest outside the South African Embassy.  These attempts to silence the Picket by … Continue reading

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Rare documentary footage of the Non-Stop Picket

During our archival work, rare documentary footage of the Non-Stop Picket has come to light.  The documentary was produced by the Revolutionary Communist Group [RCG] and filmed during the early days of the Picket in the Spring of 1986.  It includes … Continue reading

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Solidarity through sanitary towels

Another year, another South African Women’s Day protest…  In 1986, the Non-Stop Picket celebrated South African Women’s Day with a rally on 9th August.  As part of this protest, City Group organised a collection of sanitary towels to send as … Continue reading

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Women scrub away the taint of apartheid

One of the dates that was marked by the Non-Stop Picket each year was South African Women’s Day on 9th August.  On or around this date, City Group would organise a special rally on the Picket to honour and remember … Continue reading

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