Defiance of ban on anti-apartheid protest continues

The day after the Metropolitan Police banned the City Of London Anti-Apartheid Group’s Non-Stop Picket from demonstrating directly outside the South African Embassy the civil disobedience against the ban continued.  On the evening that the ban was imposed (6 May 1987), twenty anti-apartheid protesters, in several separate groups, evaded the police to take up position directly in front of the embassy gates. They were promptly arrested.  The following day, six more protesters defied the ban. The legal case against two of them, Tim Perry and David Markovitch, became one of the significant test cases in, not only overturning the ban, but ensuring that no charges were upheld against the 151 people arrested (some multiple times) during the defiance campaign.

Tim and David defy the police ban on anti-apartheid protest (Source: City Group)

Police move in to break up their protest (Source: City Group)

David and Tim are detained for defending the right to protest (Photographer: Brasset)

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Professor of Political Geography and Sexualities University of Leicester
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