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Interview with Zephaniah Mothopeng

What feels very current in the interview is Mothopeng’s repeated insistence that opposition to apartheid was not just about civil rights or democracy, but was fundamentally a struggle to decolonize South Africa Continue reading

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“Being arrested is now a way of life”

One useful way for a protest group to gain sympathetic coverage in the mainstream media can be to enrol the assistance of a well-known and seemingly neutral observer. ┬áIn June 1987 the novelist Lynne Reid Banks placed a feature article … Continue reading

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Surrounding the South African Embassy (to remember the Soweto Uprising)

To commemorate the school students’ uprising in Soweto in 1976, British youth attempted to surround the South African embassy in London on 16 June 1988 and again the following year. Young people were the backbone of the Non-Stop Picket of … Continue reading

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