Zephania Mothopeng in London, 1989

Some time ago, we wrote about the rally organised in London in July 1989 at which Zephania Mothopeng, the President of the Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania spoke. Thanks to friends in the Netherlands who were previously involved with the Azania Komite there, footage of Mothopeng’s speech at that rally is now available for the first time. Although it is clear how gravely ill Mothopeng was at this point, he gives a powerful speech offering a Pan-Africanist analysis of settler colonialism in South Africa and calling on the global African diaspora to intervene in support of a Pan-African decolonial vision for Azania/South Africa and the continent as a whole.

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Professor of Political Geography and Sexualities University of Leicester
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1 Response to Zephania Mothopeng in London, 1989

  1. Charine John says:

    Wow! This was amazing! What a treat! So moving to watch, and to see all the comrades who have left us. Thank you so, so much for sharing this with us. I’m very grateful indeed.

    Take care,

    Charine x

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